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Hello, I'm Kasia

I am a Scottish lass and have lived in France since 2015. They say that Scotland is the land of the fairies, so maybe it is not just by chance that I have decided to create magical beings : fairies, elves, wizards…

When I was young I often found myself in my imaginary world and for a few years now, my life has gently eased me back to connect with the natural world and the invisible dimensions that inhabit it. This is what led me to the creation of ‘La Fée Stellaire’. I love my work and I truly thank my lucky stars that I have discovered this way of expressing my creativity and my connection with the energies of nature.

La Fée Stellaire

The name ‘La Fée Stellaire’ is inspired by the plant known commonly in English as ‘chickweed’ (Stellaria media in latin). It is a very beautiful and fine plant with delicate white flowers that can remind us of stars… and if eaten or used medicinally it can be of great benefit to our health !

I was part of a co-operative called Iriscop for 2 years (2017 to 2019) in order to test my project and am now self-employed with the Siret number 50533712 00012.

Natural Dyeing with Plants

I love working with plants and incorporating the plants into my creations through the use of their precious dye colours; for example, Isatis tinctoria (Woad) et Rubia tinctorum (Dyer's madder). I also use wild plants for dyeing my wool; for example elderberries and nettle.

Dyeing wool with plants is a time consuming but very rewarding process which connects me to something ancestral. I value this connection greatly.

I have made the choice to dye only part of my wool using plants and to buy also chemically dyed wool as I do appreciate incorporating more bright colours into my creations.

Why Dye with Plants?

I find it very beautiful to be able to incorporate the plant directly into my creations, and to transfer this energy into the being. It also avoids using chemicals that can pollute the Earth.. I believe it is important for each of us to make conscious choices for our planet so this is one choice I am making!  If you are interested by this idea for a creation then please let me know when you contact me for your order.