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About my Gallery...

Here you can see examples of personalised beings that I have created. These creations are not reproducible as they are, as they were created for a specific person, but it is possible to take certain ideas from them if you wish.

Examples of Orders

The Fairy of Joy

Joy, Love, Blooming

The Wolf Wizard

Introspection, Self assurance, Tribe

The Lion Druid

Self-assurance, Guidance, Strength

The Fairy of Love

Joy, Love, Trust

The Green Spirit

Movement, Intuition, Grounding

'Glow' The Guardian of the Source

Pure Love, Vital Connection, Sacred Wisdom

Mira 'The Wild Woman'

Wildness, Radiance, Strength

The Fairy of Flight

Fuerza, Transformation, Freedom

The Infinity Wizard

Omniscience, Joy of Life, Wisdom

The White Wizard

Truth, Abundance, Listening

The Sacred Fire Being

Protection, Transformation, Messenger

Little Elf

Love and Self compassion


Sacred feminine, volcanic energy

Angel's leaf

Free the love!


Magic magic magic !


Forest witch, connection with the animal world


Revelation, Brings structure to the invisible world, Shining

Scorpion (front)

Those who see all, feel all, and who pierce directly to reveal what needs to be seen.

Angel Nectar

Breathing life, Vitality

Scorpion (back)

Rebirth from the ashes

Sparks of Lilith

Affirmation, Blossoming, Justness


Alignment, Connection with Horses, Intuition


Venus energy, Unfolding of wings, Strength