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Order a Truly Unique Creation

If you feel inspired by an image, a word, a story, a fable, an emotion, something in nature…

If you would like a unique present with a deeper meaning for yourself or someone you know …

If you are interested  by my offer to create a fairy being in connection with your astrological birth chart...

I would be delighted to hear about your ideas and discuss possibilities for a creation.

The fairies I create are inspired by Rudolf Steiner, who conceived the idea to create little beings for children without any face or expressions. The reason for this is to allow you to use your own imagination and to be able to project your own emotions onto the being. I personally find this to be a great idea and wish to leave all the power to your imagination!

What is most important to me is that I can offer you a truly unique creation that is as near to your expectations as possible… this is why I do not have an online shop. So, I invite you to contact me directly in order to discuss your idea.

Your Ideas

You can have a think about whether you would prefer an existing model or a personalised creation. You can look in my Gallery to see the existing models. I do not re-create beings that were personalised orders because I created them with the intention for a specific person, but you can however take some inspiration or ideas for your personalised creation if you wish.

When you inform me about your idea you can be as precise (qualities, colours etc) or as vague (for example ‘I would like a fairy being that represents joy’) as you like. Often people will choose to leave me the freedom to be inspired completely through my meditation. Each time that I make a creation I meditate and follow my inspiration in order to make your being unique.

For me there are no limits to our imagination ! I would feel honoured if you trusted me to make a creation for you… I hope that these beings will help each of you to reconnect with the essence of Life !

Contact Me To Order

Practical Details

The existing models are priced between 40€ and 50€.

For the personalised orders the price can vary between 80€ and 160€. I cannot predict what the meditation will bring; the price reflects the time that I need to dedicate to creating your being. I will give you a quote as soon as I have done the meditation to ensure that you are still happy for me to continue the creation.

The fabrication time will depend on the number of orders I have in progress and this will be indicated along with your quote. Depending on where you live you can either pick up your fairy being from Hameau de Froidefon (24450) or receive your order by post (there will be 6€ for postage within France mainland and 10€ for postage worldwide).

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