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I create my fairy beings using a technique called needle felting ; I prick the carded wool with a special needle on a base of mousse. The more I prick the wool, the more the fibres mix and dread together so that the wool becomes ‘felted’ and firm.

I use carded wool that I buy on a french website. The needles are unique to felting as they have little hooks on the end that allows the needle to hook onto the fibres of the wool and dread them together.

To give you an idea, in order to create one of the 12 petals that make up the dress of the Rose Fairy, at least 1000 pricks with the needle are needed !

I love to share the felting technique and I offer various workshops (more details below). I also offer a 2 week online course to create a Poppy Fairy (I communicate in french for the duration of the course so a good level of french is neccessary). My next online course is the 16th to the 29th of May. Please contact me if you are interested to reserve a place.

Teaser La Fée Coquelicot Formation en ligne


I organise  all-day workshops to share with you my way of creating and working with wool. I will teach you to needle felt, whilst taking the time to connect to ourselves and to Nature. We will meditate and open ourselves to messages from us and our surroundings in order to find our inspiration and intention for our creation. I believe that our soul and the universe is always trying to communicate to us, if we can only listen, so I wish to create this space to first here this message, and then materialise this message through a creation! Price: 55€.

Feedback from some people who participated in a day workshop (translated from French):

  • "The experience I had during the creation of my fairy being was rich in emotion and sharing. The space proposed by you allowed the expression of our deepest creativity in connection with the living beings of the the world. I am stupefied by the way each faity being was inhabited by Life and by our Intentions." Ariane
  • "Just a pure moment of connection to self and to others. A great moment of creation guided by a true Stellaria Fairy who accompanies us into the invisible and magical world to materialise something we choose ourselves. It is a marvellous, even exceptional, experience not to be missed!" Ambre
  • "I lived an unforgettable moment during this fairy day. As much because I left with my Fairy, as for the new technique of felting I acquired, working with this soft material; warm and colourful wool. Kasia, you know how to listen, to give space to the creativity in each of us and to accompany us and care for us admirably. What's more, I met super beautiful people!" Hélène

I organise afternoon worshops where I guide you through the steps of creating using the needle felting technique. This workshop is ideal for beginners.  Each workshop is held at La Monnerie, La Coquille. I start the workshop with a short meditation to harmonise our energie and release the tensions that we can hold in our bodies from our daily lives. I then explain the technique of felting and we start the creation of your little elf/owl/butterfly/gnome... Price: 18€

I organise parent/child afternoon workshops. It is a moment of sharing and creation between the parent and child. I will take you on a meditation voyage in order to find your inspiration... and then, together, parent and child, you will create your fairy being, inspired by both of you! I explain the basics of needle felting and accompany you both in this creative voyage. Price: 35€ 1 child + 1 parent.

My workshops are open to all ages with a minimum of 11 years old.

I wish for money not to hold you back so please contact me and we can find a solution that is suitable for both of us.

*Reservation only... please call me on this number if you are interested: Kasia 0767032146*

You can find the programme for this year below. I am also open to coming to your house to do a felting workshop. It is a wonderful moment of sharing and inspiration! You can invite your friends over and we can enjoy an afternoon of creating together :-) I can do a workshop for a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people. You can get in touch with me if this adventure tempts you!

Programme 2023

Voila the Programme for this beautiful new  year that is beginning !

Saturday 29th of April 9h45- 17h Create your own fairy being, Saint-Priest-Les-Fougères

In the morning I will guide you through some exercises and a meditation to nourish a connection with your own inner knowing and your intuition, to inspire your creation that you will create. I will then explain the basics of needle felting and accompany you in the creation of your fairy being. I adore to see how each time your creations are unique and a reflection of your on inner magic!!

Price : 55 euros

More workshops dates to be announced...

These workshops will only take place if I have at least 5 participants. Thank you for your understanding.

Information and reservations :

07 67 03 21 46